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With Dabbing becoming ever more popular by the day, it’s no surprise that the market is getting flooded by different kinds of dab rigs, tools and accessories. It’s a lot to take in especially when you’re just starting out or when you’re just planning to be a casual dabber. In this post, we’ll go over the best dab rig that one can buy online. If you’re trying to look for ways to get free credits on appbounty then head on to this website!

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“HoneyTip” Honey Collector with Titanium Tip

chrome_2016-09-10_18-40-14Looking for the best dab rig there is? In our opinion, “HoneyTip” Honey Collector with Titanium Tip is by far the best oil rig out there. It’s not only affordable and within the means of everyone, it’s also efficient. No need to pay $300 for a true Nectar Collector when this thing functions exactly the same way! Just look at this beauty, it’s one of the more aesthetically pleasing rigs out there.

It’s one of the easiest way to dab of I know off. Hits really smooth and packs a punch, and is super clean! Just wait till you exhale and boy oh boy would it stun you! Some of you might not be fan of the Titanium Tip, if you’re one of them try to order a Quartz Tip with your order.

The nail can be a little bit loose so season and heat the nail so that it’ll fit better and don’t aim over your toes, just for safety reasons. Another fault I can see is that, a glass dish does not come with your standard order. You’ll have to buy it seperately. So I recommend that you buy one that can act as a stand and also a concentrate dish.


best dab rigs under $100

First things first, this thing is really small! But you know what they say about small things right? They pack a real big punch! Hits really well and smooth. This is one of the better starting rig out there, for its simplicity, effectiveness and price tag. Due to its size, you can take it anywhere. Really great for people on the go. Best rig for travelling imo.

For those of you who would like to buy another dome for this rig, you will need a 10mm female dome or bowl as this one is a 10mm male. It’s made from the same glass as glass beakers or tubes that one would expect from a science lab.

One little piece of advice I’d give you is that you should buy another nail for this oil rig, preferebly a 10mm female quartz banger nail. The nail that comes with the package is quite weak so there’s a tendency that it’ll break on you. Besides, they tend to forget to send the nail both in my experience and by their reviews. No biggie, wasn’t planning on using it. Still I complaint it just like how a customer should and they sent in a replacement.


Why buy this thing? Well first, have you seen the video? It makes tornados! That’s enough reason to buy it. Standing at 12″ inches with its unique percolator, this will surely be a center piece when your friends come around. You can choose between a female bowl (for tobacco) or a dome and nail (for concentrates).

This costs a little bit more than a $100, especially for a beginner or a casual user. There’s a mini version of this that stands at 9″ which costs $70 but is too small to make the cyclone effect without getting water in your mouth.

As with almost all DankStop products, the hits are smooth and nice. Though even without the cyclone, it still is an efficient rig overall and the build quality is really superior. The glass is thick in the right places and you know it won’t really break that easily.

You might need a bit of practice to get the twister effect without getting a mouthful of water (still in a better situation than the mini version). Experiment with the water level to get the tornado without water getting in your mouth. Percolator water level is a good place to start with water volume.  Another thing is that, it gets dirty real fast and it isn’t the easiest to clean due to the design.