What are the Best Large Dab Rigs for Sale?

Dab rigs that are large bring a fantastic awareness of entitlement to the entire process of dabbing. This is so because in many instances, these products are huge, deliver soul-filling flavor and also have a beauty that glass can bring to life. Well, art aside, here is a set of brilliant large dab trailer trucks you should think about owning, in case you haven’t yet.

1. Medium Twister Cyclone Dab Rig

This dab rig has a saucer design complete with a turbine disc percolator that produces nothing but astonishing experience. The design lets in order that when the puff hits your lungs, it directly transports you to the fantastic world of delight that is dabbing your smoke form some semblance of a cyclone. Moreover, this spiraling and spinning twister-like actions is extremely enchanting and exceptional, which will be reason enough to by the dab trailer truck anyway.

Despite the spirally layout of the percolator, this dab rig includes a straight neck that ensures the smoke hits your lungs directly from the mouthpiece. The disc percolators on the other hand, have slits and holes together with their disc-like design so they can improve diffusion and filtration of smoke. Additionally, there are three different types of percolator designs, the turbine layout that is enchanting together with the ratchet disc and honeycomb percolators.

2. Bee Hive Dab Rig

Should you love to relish your concentrates and have an innate like for decoration then this is the dab rig for you. It’s a beautiful beehive-shaped chamber and certainly will forever change the look of your living-room mantelpiece. It stands at 7 inches, which isn’t just ‘ large’ if you do not consider its round humongous nature. It nonetheless packages a whole lot of goodness in many of its own excellent attributes.

For example, its entire chamber is created from an incredibly vibrant high-grade and very thick borosilicate glass. It ranks among the most lasting dab rigs on the shelf. This beauty has an angled mouthpiece that economically delivers smoke while preventing dab back in addition to a reconditioned downstem fused into the chamber.

The beautiful colored glass causes it to be unique so it easily stands out in place you put it in your own living room.

3. Stereo Perc & Ratchet Disc Internal Recycler Dab Rig
This 12 incher offers all rolled in one to three different filtration processes. It’s a ratchet disk, two percolators along with a stereo matrix in addition to an internal recycling function that delivers fresh and flavorful hits.

It features brilliant accents at the base as well as on its lip that make it appear spotless. In addition, it includes a nail and dome combo in order to use it for tobacco and dry in addition to concentrates herbs. Upgrade to your pail or banger and you’ll acquire some of the smoothest smokes. Its other characteristics certainly are fixed downstem and a bent neck.

4. Luna-glow” Concentrate Rig by Smoky Mountain Glass

Its design features a quartz nail that renders a dome out-of-date.
The said glass is a 6-mm thick borosilicate product of the U.S. that ensures the dab rig outlives everything including possibly your dabbing customs.

5. Scylla Spinning Propeller Perc Rig by Sesh Supply

This dab rig is big, stands at 8 inches and contains a 14.5-mm female joint. This minimalist strategy probably is its largest attraction. A sharp look however, reveals what’s undoubtedly among the most useful dab rigs available in the market now.

It comes with the touch Sesh Supply percolators, which take your smoke down a whirling path producing a slightly percolated smoke with all the entire flavor retained. It’s a bowed neck, in case you’re worried about splash back.

These five large dab rigs are only a tip of the iceberg. The Smoke Cartel and DankStop sell a lot more in this very same category. Check these out as well as the a number of other items they will have in stock and decide what suits your dabbing needs.

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