Best Small Dab Rigs – Reviews for 2017

How would you want to savor your concentrates? Would you favor they came with only a touch of doom? If you’re the type of dabber who consider they should present a fresh Halloween scenario daily and loves their concentrates, you then must look up this collection of small dab rigs. Most of those are no taller than 4.5 inches but they provide flavor so great you literally wouldn’t need anything to interrupt your dabbing. Here are several of those charming items of glass art which you need to consider buying.

1. Medium Tornado Cyclone Dab Rig

While most bits from Empire Glassworks display grimacing glass skull layouts, this attractiveness copies everyone’s most precious Star Wars droid R2D2. The slanted body and the head that is ergonomic, all function to enhance your encounter that is dabbing. While the head, which additionally is the mouthpiece, fits perfectly, the said body ensures simple delivery of smoke.

The chamber has an inline percolator made from glass that is clear so it not only functions to diffuse your smoke economically but also gives you an opportunity to observe the procedure take place. This rig is a likely the most brilliant dab rig accessible and a product of enormous beauty. It includes black, gray, blue and white glass operated into a proud graphics.

2. Bee Hive Dab Rig

Yet, is additionally is quite practical and every dabber who attempts it’ll fall in love with the perfect manner but also with the excellent work on artwork on the glass it produces smoke.

Standing at 5-inches with a 10-millimeter joint that is female, it likely is the giant in this infant group of dab rigs. It includes a diffused downstem, a beaker foundation and a dome that is female. The noticeable beaker layout ensures you experience no dash back when dabbing though it’s a straight neck.

3. Stereo Perc & Ratchet Disc Internal Recycler Dab Rig

This small infant should be taken by every budget dabbler looking for a great scientific glass that guarantees gratification to a session that is sesh. It fits this type of little dab rigs mainly because of its size though it’s at home among dab rigs that are low-cost. This five-incher has a mobile size with a very unobtrusive look.

It comes with a 10-millimeter man joint but may need a female dome of a similar span for it to work correctly. The rig is available in blue or green glass choices as well as in clear glass choice.

4. Luna-glow” Concentrate Rig by Smoky Mountain Glass

This pendant dab rig with a Pokémon theme has a percolator that is stemline that filters and diffuses smoke economically to provide the successes that are easiest. The mouthpiece is an amazing Pokéflute that’s Snorlax glass by the side.

This dab rig has a pendant loop that makes it quite mobile and considering that its whole glass sections are made simply from borosilicate glass that is thick, it’s quite permanent.

5. Scylla Spinning Propeller Perc Rig by Sesh Supply

This miniature dab rig from Grav Labs really feels small and is not large. Nevertheless, there’s nothing little about it. It optimizes your smoking experience as well as the big rigs do. The angled glass dome and its beaker formed foundation ensure that your smoke doesn’t lose any of its flavor.

Grav Labs makes this unique dab rig from glass that is quite thick and so it should be considered by individuals looking for durability and portability.

These small dab rigs are excellent for folks looking for dabbing on tools that are not difficult to carry around if need be, and hide. They’re long-lasting and though they’re little, they all are huge on dabbing encounter. The five yet aren’t the only small dab rigs that the Smoke Cartel and DankStop offer. Shop around for more and pick two or one that matches with your dabbing needs.

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